Becca M. Nell, Managing Director

Becca M. Nell

Becca M. Nell serves as the Managing Director of the VVA Connecticut office, based in Stamford, CT. With nearly twenty years of experience, having held roles as both the client and consultant, Becca’s impressive knowledge and passion for project management is evident in her dedication to each project. Her breadth of knowledge and experience across projects, facilities, and corporate finance has proven to be a vital asset to VVA and our clients.

Becca excels at cultivating long-term vision, developing the implementation strategy and leading diverse teams to deliver projects on-time, on-budget with customer satisfaction at the forefront. As a true partner to Clients and their businesses, she understands how real estate can support business goals, as well as the softer side of employee engagement. She prides herself on asking tough questions to ensure the long-term goals are met while focusing attention on the details.