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Cost Control Services and Reporting


  • Our team will carry out value engineering workshops to look at alternative design or material solutions.
  • Our clients are advised on matters affecting cost throughout every stage of the project and costs are controlled through formal cost review meetings at monthly intervals midway between interim valuations so that future concerns canbe highlighted and planned for from a cost and schedulestandpoint.
  • Our team will visit site periodically, asses the progress of theproject for interim payments purposes and prepare paymentrecommendations.
  • Will work with the project manager to ensure the effectiveimplementation of the agreed “Change Request” procedure, the target will be to agree cost and time implications of any change with the contractor prior to approval. This will facilitate the cost reporting process, and minimize the risk of subsequent claims.


  • Ongoing process throughout the duration of the project, actively carried out in conjunction with the client and other design team members.
  • Identify any design change issues that may not have been resolved and require further action by the team to obtain client sign-off.
  • Provide instant action list. Design impact captured against the cost plan and corrective action identified.
  • Regular reporting.